Color Consulting

Does your home need a facelift? Hiring a color consultant will combine color psychology, current trends, and creates an attractive design. One that is engaging to us all.

Designed Table Lamps

Silver Color Perfect Consultation

$250/2 Hours

Before you invest in a painter, make sure you avoid the costly mistake of choosing the wrong color.  I can help you select the best color for your home.

  • Preliminary phone conversation to determine your color preferences, style and color sensitivity

  • 6-step color read process that starts with your preferences and takes into account your current furnishings and finishes to pick an entire color palette for walls, trim, ceilings, etc.

  • Up to 4 rooms in the home; includes transitional spaces like entries, hallways and stairways

  • Large paint color samples for you to keep and use when selecting design pieces

  • Additional design ideas to enhance the space and complete your vision

Gold Color Perfect Consultation

$450/4 Hours

  • If you are looking to re-do your entire home.

  • Preliminary phone conversation to determine your color preferences, style and color sensitivity

  • I will bring in gorgeous staging accessories in order to give you a visual shopping list and get higher impact photos

  • We will work for up to 4 hours in the home, as well as photograph the transformations as we go

The home must be prepped and cleaned prior to stager arriving

(Up to four hours in the home with any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate)

Space Planning
Interior Design

Shopping Services & Trade Discounts

Remember that we are EXPERT SHOPPERS who can save you tons of time and money because we know WHERE and WHAT to shop for, as well as get a "to the trade" discount at many places!

FreshStart Home Design Certificates

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American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners

American Society of Home Stagers and Redesigners is a premier networking association for HSR Certified home stagers


Home Staging Certification Training

HSR Certified means I’ve gone through the most extensive and accredited staging and redesign training program available


Stagers Connect

Stagers Connect is a private, social network for home stagers to learn and use as a knowledge base, so I am always on top of design and real estate trends.